• Beth Bodenstein

    Beth Bodenstein

  • Allie


  • Beatrix Holland

    Beatrix Holland

    Content strategist. Coffee enthusiast.

  • Christine Kathleen McMahon

    Christine Kathleen McMahon

  • Christy Admiraal

    Christy Admiraal

    Writer, lovable scamp, and general enthusiast.

  • Kayleigh Hughes

    Kayleigh Hughes

    Freelance writer covering film, music, culture, and feelings. FM radio enthusiast.

  • Polly Kyle

    Polly Kyle

    I judge you based on how you tip. I like green shakes, cats, politics, yoga, and bad television. Member of Strategies360 Colorado. Opinions are my own.

  • Aleks K Walker

    Aleks K Walker

    Freelance writer, copyeditor, reviewer, mama of two little boys, lover of books, design, pop culture, politics, and sports. Northwestern grad, Chicago native.

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